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  • All about Batteries - Part 1: 6000 series
  • Eric Hiss
All about Batteries - Part 1: 6000 series

6000 Series Cameras and Lens Controller S:  

First the back story on the older batteries then the solutions: The original 6000 series NiCd battery packs caused lots of rumbles, and they have even been called the Achilles heel of the platform, but the issue was mostly about learning to use them correctly.  NiCd batteries loose performance and capacity if they are not fully discharged and  then fully recharged since they have a memory - meaning they discharge down to where they stopped the last few times and only charge up to where the charging was stopped the last few times.  If you didn't let them fully discharge  down before charging or pulled them from the charger before they reached capacity, you'd end decreasing the batteries capacity for the long run.     Every time a photographer unwittingly tried to top up a charge, or pulled the batteries from the charger early in a rush to shoot a job, the batteries capacity was affected.   Furthermore, the original chargers also did not have a way to discharge the batteries fully.      That said, what are the solutions? New batteries are available for order with NiMh cells that do not have a memory.  Secondly, the latest Type C chargers have a discharge button that should be used to maintain the older NiCd batteries capacity.    Successive fully discharge / recharge cycles has been known to bring some of the older batteries back to life.  Some after market universal battery chargers such as the Maha-C777+ have special reconditioning profiles that can help bring older batteries back to life.   Buying new batteries or refitting old packs with new cells is probably the best way to go, but many  people, including myself, have re-celled their batteries themselves with packs found on Ebay, or had battery shops rebuild them.    There is are several posts on the photo.net Rollei section about rebuilding the batteries and Graham Mitchell put up a page on his website about it which you can see here: http://graham-mitchell.com/blog/rollei-6000-battery-upgrade/Several people have had good luck with Batteries Plus on the rebuilds.  DHW can rebuild your batteries too, but the cost of shipping back and forth makes this less economically viable unless you have lots of them.

DHW also has new battery pacs available and I've listed them in my store here

Lastly many people have asked about whether the new NiMH cells work with the older chargers. DHW recommends customers use the C type charger which was the latest one (older models are labeled N and G), but customers are reporting that the older ones are working too. 

  • Eric Hiss

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  • Aug 26, 2013

    Batteries on the 600X cameras have a couple of issues that need to be understood: when I got a new 6003 back in the early 1990s, it used to run forever on its single battery. I would travel to Europe for a week or two with just two batteries, and never need them both. I think 20 rolls per battery were about the average.
    But several things have happened since: the batteries have gotten older, the discharge issue Eric brings up has come into play (although the Maha charger, if you can find it will discharge happily, and tell you the amp-hour state of tune when charged), and… most importantly, the demand side has increased: the 6008AF used way more power than the earlier camera, especially to drive the AF lenses.
    The newer type battery cells will restore use to the way it is – new cells and the new type in a 6008AF will go forever. This issue is a thing of the past and readily fixed.
    As to the Hy6 – the battery in the handle, driving only the camera and lens, never seems to go empty. Ever, really and truly. The ones on the digital backs do, but if you get the double thickness ones, they last quite a while.

    — Geoff Goldberg

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