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Price Reduced on the Rolleiflex FX

I've had this really nice FX in my used section for two months now which is a lot longer than I expected considering they are no longer produced and it's hard to find a really clean one in near perfect shape.   In fact, I've not had one come through my shop for several years.  

When I became the Rolleiflex dealer I bought the FW and FT versions of the new TLR but as money was tight, I didn't buy the FX since I had already a 2.8F.   Looking back, I wish I had since they stopped production in 2014 and the meter in the FX is so much easier to use and will work long long after the selenium cells in the old ones have stopped.     Reducing the price on this now to $5295 even though I see similar ones on ebay and elsewhere go for more.  Very tempted to put this one in my personal collection.