Rollei 6x4.5 (4560) film back for Hy6 Mod2 (black color)


Cat. No. 58989

Rollei 4560 film back in black color for Hy6 Mod2

Shortly after the introduction of the 6x6 film back for the Hy6, DHW-Fototechnik began to offer the single piece 4.5x6 film backs since they are more convenient to use.  This unit does away with the frame and has an improved film cassette loading action with the introduction of a detent that holds the insert in its place while you open and close the film back.   This will work with all versions of the Hy6 including AFi and Mod2 but it's black color matches the Hy6 Mod2 best.  A grey version is available, as well as 6x6 backs in either color. 

These film backs have the integrated dark slide which makes removal and swaps mid roll very easy. Just slide the lever up and remove the back.  They have electronic registration of ISO speed, film count, and type (120 or 220) and when you set the ISO on the back, this information is automatically relayed to the camera body.  Comes with one film insert, but extras may be ordered. Film insert is the same as the 6060 insert.

User note: The film back uses two type LR44 batteries to store ISO and film settings as well as shutter count.  They last a really long time - so long that you never think about them.  The first time they do run out, you won't even remember this back even had batteries.   I keep a couple spares in my bag, because they only run out when you are somewhere where they are hard to find.