Rare Rolleiflex Tele-Apogen AFD 150mm f/4 HFT PQS Lens (used -excellent)


Cat. No. 58120-used-JK-40004

AFD Tele Apogen 150mm f/4 PQS  (Used in original box with papers)

These lenses were introduced at the 2012 Photokina but not actually produced until after and production stopped sometime around the turnaround in 2015.  I don't know the actual number of these made, but it's low.  I only had a few of these new to sell and I'm thinking the production number has got to be less than 100, and perhaps less than 50 even.  You will see lots of serial numbers in single digitals like this one xxxxx0004.     The sad thing is these lenses by Schneider are just incredibly sharp.  This one came to me from a retired pro photographer with a note saying, "This is the sharpest lens I've used".    

I don't think this lens has had much use but there are a few minor cosmetic marks, but glass is perfect and of course, I have tested it thoroughly.    It comes with the caps, original box, warranty card, and booklet as shown.      Below is some more information about the lens. 


Focus: Auto Focus

Works with: Hy6, Hy6 Mod2, AFi
Filter size: Bay VI
Hood size/type: Bay VI 80-250mm Rollei Part No. 96741
Max Shutter and Sync Speed: 1/1000th
Minimum focus distance without extension: 4.5 ft
Weight: 890 grams

User comment: This moderate telefocal lens is the newer version of the legendary Tele-Xenar and is great for all-around shooting. It has a convenient Bay VI filter mount and is lighter and more compact than the 180/2.8 lens. This lens works well with extension tubes for close-up work and I have also used it with the 1.4 and 2x extenders in the field. Because this shares the same bay VI filter and hood mount, it makes a great travel lens since you can put in several of the other bay VI lenses and share filters and hoods.