Rolleiflex Tele Apogen AFD 150mm f/4 HFT PQS Lens


Cat. No. 58120

AFD Tele Apogen 150mm f/4 PQS

Focus: Auto Focus

Works with: Hy6, Hy6 Mod2, AFi
Filter size: Bay VI
Hood size/type: Bay VI 80-250mm Rollei Part No. 96741
Max Shutter and Sync Speed: 1/1000th
Minimum focus distance without extension: 4.5 ft
Weight: 890 grams


User comment: This moderate tele focal lens is the newer version of the legendary Tele-Xenar and is great for all around shooting. It has the convenient Bay VI filter mount and is lighter and more compact than the 180/2.8 lens. This lens works well with extension tubes for close up work and I have also used it with the 1.4 and 2x extenders in the field. Because this shares the same bay VI filter and hood mount, it makes a great travel lens since you can put in several of the other bay VI lenses and share filters and hoods.


Note: These are out of production and no longer available new