Variable (vario) Extension Tube for Hy6 and 6000 series cameras - Used


Cat. No. 25857-used-rf-binR5-1

Vario Extension Tube  22-68mm - used but mint

Condition - used but mint - almost no signs of use.  Comes with the rear cap, and original box. The

This is a unique extension tube with a helicon extension that can be continuously varied from 22mm to 68mm.  This extension requires the lenses to sit inside the opening and therefore does not work with larger barreled lenses except at or near the full extension.   Most of the lenses with the Bay VI filter mount will fit without problems. The 90mm APO Macro will work from about 45mm out to full travel.

It can be mounted onto other extension rings or the extension bellows as all the macro equipment in the Rollei system.