45 Degree Prism for Rolleiflex TLR Camera (Used Excellent - in box)


Cat. No. 97046-used-2023

45 Degree Prism for Rolleiflex TLR Cameras (Used)

These are also rare to find used and this one is in excellent condition. The glass is perfect without scratches, wear or coating/mirror issues.     

I think the reason you don't find many is the original cost of these was $1300.  But they have a very high quality glass prism inside so provide the very best focusing experience possible on the TLR,  and allow you to hold the camera lower and closer to the body which is more stable than the 90 degree (older style prisms).  Magnification is 2.5x.

The condition of this copy is excellent as you can see from the photos and comes in its original box.

Fits all versions FX, FX-N, FW, FT and may also fit older TLR models that have removable waist-level finders. 

These may fit the 2.8F, 3.5F TLR's  (in vastly most cases, but I've heard of a two instances now where they didn't for whatever reason, but eveyone I've tested personally did)  and are the best optical prism made for the camera.  You will get 2.5x magnification and a full view of the screen. If you want the most accurate focusing, this is very helpful!