Rolleiflex FW TLR Modern Rolleiwide in original box with strap and shade (near mint)


Cat. No. Used-FW-3701-2023

Rolleiflex FW TLR  with Schneider 50mm  (Modern Rolleiwide) in original box with strap and shade in near-mint condition.

It still amazes me to think that some people do not realize that Rolleiflex made modern TLR cameras with electronic metering until 2015.  There's so much focus on the older models.  There were FX, FW, FT and FX-N versions made and prior to that a GX. 

The FW with it's 50mm taking lens is even a bit wider than the original Rolleiwide.   When they were still available I sold way more FW's than any other variant, but they've not been available new for 8 years since the factory gave up all the equipment to make them in the turnaround early 2015.   

This is the first one to come through my shop in ages and it's a beauty.  It has the original box, strap, manual, and cap.  The lens strap looks unused!  Also included is the optional and expensive lens shade with it's original box and leather carrying case.  The condition is amazing... glass is near perfect and only just a few small marks here and there showing it's been used.  

I've tested the camera and it is working well. Even the +exposure meter is working and accurate.   I think you will be hard-pressed to find a nicer more complete FW on the 2nd hand market.  

If you'd like to see some pictures taken with the FW, then you can check out the gallery on my hobby blog   In this set it's just one roll of film in a short walkabout.  Scan resolution isn't super high on that but you can get the idea of the look.