Rebuild service for Rollei 6000 series battery pack with NiMH


Cat. No. 39715-rebuild-service

Have your old batteries professionally rebuilt by Rollei technician with new NiMH cells

Send me your old/dead batteries and I will have them rebuilt by a Rollei technician the proper way with spot welded cells correctly wired including the heat sensor. New NiMH cells will be used instead of the older NiCad cells. These packs are less prone to memory problems and have a higher capacity. You can have your own cells rebuilt and returned or you can opt for an exchange (when available) for faster service.  

Fits the following camera models:

  • 6008AF
  • 6008 integral2
  • 6008 Integral
  • 6008 Professional
  • 6008E
  • 6003 Professional
  • 6001 Professional
  • Lens Control S

Note: Charger Type-D or Type-X recommended.   Older Type C and Type N chargers will work if you are careful to not let the battery get too hot during charging - this means pulling the pack after 10 minutes and letting it cool down.  Heat is the enemy of battery pack life. 

    Does NOT work with older G and M style factory chargers

    Please ship your old batteries to me at:

    Eric Hiss

    Rolleiflex USA 

    3450 Sacramento Street, #524

    San Francisco, CA 94118


    Updated  - In an effort to provide the best battery rebuild possible I have changed technicians to Key Camera Service in Colorado.  Now each cell will be individually load tested and the tabs spot welded.  I try to keep stock of batteries for exchange for faster service, however, you can, of course, work directly with Key Camera for your rebuilds (for example if you have other things that need service it might be easier).