Rolleiflex Hy6 Mod 2 kit with 80mm AFD lens and 6x6 film back


Cat. No. 58633

Hy6 Model 2 with AFD 80mm Apogon or AF 80mm PQS f/2.8 lens and 6060 film back.

Kit also includes battery charger, battery, Waist Level Finder, and carrying strap. This kit includes everything you need to start shooting except film - or a digital back :-).   Nothing else required. 

The Mod2 is the newest version of Rollei's most advanced camera, and it's arguably the worlds most advanced medium format camera that can be used with both film or digital backs.   I will write extensively about its features in my blog, however this model has improvements to the shutter dampening, updated features in the firmware to register your lens own lens adjustments, and strengthened grip with more positions to name a few. The body panels are all black in the Mod2.  

You can shoot with your choice of the interchangeable film backs in 645 or 6x6 formats or with one of several digital backs that are available. Additionally the camera can be customized with any of the four different viewfinders;  1) Waist Level with pop up magnifier, 2) 45 degree Prism (2.5x magnification), 3) Schneider Lupe magnifying finder with 3x magnification and full view, 4) 90 degree telescoping finder with +-4 diopter adjustment.

An extensive range of autofocus and manual focus lenses are available for the system brand new and on the second hand market.