55mm Schneider PCS (Tilt / Shift) PQ lens for Rolleiflex 6000 and Hy6 cameras


Cat. No. Used-55mm-PQ-PCS-0666

Used Rolleiflex 55mm PCS (Tilt / Shift)  PQ lens

The Schneider 55mm PCS lens is no longer produced but when it was available new it sold for over $8000.   It's a moderately wide lens with both shift and tilt capability which is very useful for perspective control and also for getting a larger amount of the image within the DOF envelope.  This is a PQ version and will therefore work on both 6000 series cameras and the Hy6 and Hy6 mod2 cameras.    

This copy is used, but has excellent glass overall and has been tested for function. Most of these 55's have what's called schneideritits which looks like bubbles on the edge of the glass and this one doesn't have much at all.   I do want to call out a small 3mm line inside the lens on the outer perimeter going radially.  I believe this was there from manufacture but can't be certain - but in any case, it did not appear to affect any of the test images.   

I always test the movements on these since those are very hard to repair if there is any play or slop, or stiffness in the tilt/shift.  All movements all smooth and operate with no problems in both directions.  The aperture and shutter are both in excellent operating condition.   This is a very nice copy.  

The lens was tested for sharpness with a digital back and performs well.   Also includes the hard-to-find and expensive rubber shade and UV filter.

  • Included are the following:
  • Lens
  • Front and rear caps
  • Lens shade (original)
  • UV filter

You can download the tilt shift manual from my website here: https://rolleiflex.us/products/55mm-pcs-tilt-shift-user-manual