Genuine NOS Brown Neck Strap for Rolleiflex TLR's


Cat. No. 17002b

Neck Strap for Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex Cameras

Recently I was at the factory to visit how their restart was going and there were some of these straps out on a table.  I added them immediately to my order as I have not had any brown leather straps available for many years. They are most likely new older stock, but look very very good an packaged in DW Photo labels.  Leather is thicker than the newer black ones as well. Fits most older Rolleiflex models that take the scissor clips including the 2.8E and F and 3.5 E and F models and will also fit the FW, FT, FX and FX-N cameras.   

I have only 4 of them - when they are gone they are gone. 

Note: Will not fit Automat models