Rare Zeiss 85mm f/2.0 T* ZM Sonnar lens in box with optional Shade boxed (Mint)


Cat. No. ZE852B-GC-Used-60180

Rare Zeiss 85mm f/2.0 T* ZM Sonnar lens in the box with optional Shade boxed (Mint)

As far as I know this is the only copy available for sale in the US currently.  It's super mint with papers original packing, case hasn't been used, and has the optional shade in its own box.  This is a very rare and sought-after Zeiss 85mm f/2.0 Sonnar lens in Leica M mount and black finish nearly new in the original box, with case and papers as shipped.  Also included is the lens shade in its original box.   These are rare and hard to find on the 2nd hand market now.  If you are reading this, you probably already know how special this lens in for it's sharpness, rendering and bokeh. The 85mm and the 15mm focal lengths were made in Germany in limited quantities (a few hundred) while most of the rest of these lenses were made in Japan by Cosina.  Both the limited quantity and the specialness of being made by Zeiss in Germany make this lens rather collectible. 

This one is in nearly mint condition with everything included.  I've tried my best to photograph it from every angle.  The aperture and focus rings move with smooth precision, the glass is perfect, and the aperture blades are oil free.