Retro Adapter for Hy6 and 6000 series cameras


Cat. No. 98410

Retro Adapter for 6000 and Hy6 cameras size  Bay VI 

This adapter allows for reversal of several lenses with Bay VI filter mount, such as the 80mm f/2.8 or 60mm f/3.5 for example.  Very high magnification can be achieved by reverse mounting lenses.   For example with the 60mm lens reversed a 1::1.64 magnification can be achieved without any extension tubes.  Used with the bellows extension or combinations of extension tubes, magnification ratios of 1::8 or higher are possible.  

Please reference the Rollei Close-up manual for more information and specific data.   This manual is available for free download from my site and is quite useful.  Direct link: Rollei Close Up Guide to Macro Equipment – Rolleiflex USA