Rollei 40mm f/3.5 Super Angulon HFT PQ


Cat. No. 59439

Rollei 40mm f/3.5 Super Angulon PQ

Focus: Manual Focus
Works with: Hy6, Hy6 Mod2, AFi, 6008AF, 6008integral, 6003
Filter size: 77mm
Hood size/type: Dedicated slip on hood. Cat. No. 60472
Max Shutter and Sync Speed: 1/1000th
Minimum focus distance without extension: 1.3 ft
Weight: 750 grams


User comments: Until the 35mm Flektagon is available, and if you don't count the ultra rare, no longer produced 30mm fish eye, the Schneider 40mm S/A PQ and the Zeiss 40mm FLE PQ are the widest lenses available for the Rollei MF cameras. I have both and prefer the rendering and bokeh of the Schneider. It's a wonderful lens, plus fairly small too. If I did mainly landscape work with stopped down apertures for max DOF, then I might also use the FLE version since bokeh doesn't matter and it may be just a touch sharper in the corners (but not in the middle). Both lenses are fantastic actually! Nice to have choices!


Note: I have several used copies of this lens.  New may or may not be available in the future.