Rolleiflex 2.8 FX-N TLR Camera


Note:  The TLR's are no longer in production and not available.

Cat. No 17080

Rolleiflex 2.8 FX-N TLR Camera with 80mm f/2.8 S-Apogen Lens

This is the legendary twin-lens mirror reflex camera with 80mm f/2.8 Planar HFT coated lens, lens cap, carrying strap, and size IV outer shade/hood bayonet.  The camera is virtually identical to the 2.8 FX except that it has improved close focusing - up to as close as 55cm.

This camera is available with custom appearance options, including choice of leather color and metal trim plating (chrome, light gold, 21ct heavy gold plating with certificate, or platinum).   To order a customized version just select your desired options from the drop down menus.  When placing the order - please write into the notes field of the order box the custom leather color you would like and or the text you would like engraved into the identity plate.  Please call or e-mail me if you have questions. Also, if you place a custom order, I will be in touch to verify everything prior to sending the order off. Custom orders with identity plates or custom serial numbers can not be returned or exchanged - only serviced.

Special note: While the FX-N has a outer bayonet mount for hoods / shades, there is no internal bayonet for filters. To mount filters either the DHW-fototechnik bay IV filter adapter or the Rolleiflex USA Screw filter adapter must be used.

 Product Highlights

  • Planar standard-focal-length taking lens
  • Close focusing to 55cm
  • Permanently visible viewfinder image for optimum framing
  • Full parallax correction
  • Interchangeable viewfinder attachments
  • Interchangeable Bright focusing screens
  • Ultra-quiet between-the-lens shutter, fully synchronized for flash at all speeds
  • Neither mirror bounce, nor mirror noise
  • Light weight – extremely handy


  • Camera Type: Twin-lens reflex camera with TTL metering and TTL auto flash control.
  • Frame size: 6 x 6 cm.
  • Film Type:  Size 120 roll film for 12 exposures 6x6 cm.  Film speed adjustable on camera from ISO 25/15° to ISO 6400/39°.
  • Lens:
    • 80mm S-Apogon Planar f/2.8 HFT Lens, Made by DHW-Fototechnik GmbH with five elements in four components.
    • Angular Field 53º.
    • Size IV filter bayonet for hood   (Note - filters must be attached via the bay IV filter adapter)
    • Focusing from ∞ to 55cm.
  • ShutterBetween the lens leaf shutter (1 to 1/500 s and B), X-synchronized. Aperture and shutter speed cross-coupled with exposure meter.
  • Exposure metering:
    • TTLCenter-weighted average metering by two silicon photo diodes.
    • Five-LED display in viewfinder.
  • Metering rangeEV 3 – 18  /  3.2 – 100000 asb  /1 – 33000 cd/m2 at ISO 100/21º
  • Viewfinder system

    •  Heidosmat viewfinder lens -  80 mm f/2.8 with three elements. 
    •  Folding finder hood included as standard.

    •  Rolleiflex High-D focusing screen standard.          
    •  Parallax compensation for focus distance.

    •  Optional Interchangeable 45º or 90º prism finders.

    •  Optional Interchangeable viewing screens.

    • Flash synchronization

      • 1/500 sec to 1 sec and Bulb.
      • Hot accessory shoe with contacts for TTL auto flash control in conjunction with dedicated flash units and dedicated adapter  SCA 356.
      • X sync terminal for plug.

    • Auto flash control: TTL flash metering via additional silicon photo diode.
    • Film advance
      • By shutter-setting crank with automatic stop at frame 1 when loading. 
      • Double-exposure lock with override.
      • Frame counter from 1 to 12, automatically resetting when film is changed.
    • Sockets: Cable-release socket. 1/4" tripod socket.
    • Dimensions: 5.8 x 4.3 x 4.25 inches.

    Weight: 44 oz.



    • Delivery times for this camera is currently 8 weeks due to high demand, custom versions may take longer.