Rolleiflex 6008E camera body with WLF (Used - very good)


Cat. No. Used-6008E-JH-0031

Rolleiflex 6008E camera body with WLF (Used - very good)

The 6008E is very similar to the 6008 Int except that it does not have the mechanical shutter release port.  To be honest I don't know anyone who uses a mechanical cable to do the shutter release when you can have the RC-120 cable which still works btw.  The 6008E has the last generation electronics (3rd) so will be compatible with 4560 film backs and digital backs also.   I tested this one with the Imacon 528c and know it works.

The condition on this body is very good, everything works well.  There are only a few minor cosmetic marks from use.  The WLF does have a notch in the corners, not sure why.  I'm thinking this would be a great starter camera or perhaps a nice back up body.

If you need a lens or film back, grip arm, or battery and charger please let me know and I can make you a package deal.