Rolleiflex 6x6 Lupe


Cat No. 59551 (Lupe)

3X Lupe for use as Magnifying Viewfinder or 6000 series or Hy6/AFi cameras, or Slide or Negative magnifier.  

This highly corrected linear achromat 3x lens reveals the whole object field in true color and brilliance and will cover the whole finder frame plus the display on the cameras as well as 6x6 negatives on the light table. Comes with a light hood that can be removed when you wish to mount the hood to a camera base (sold separately). 


  • To mount this lupe on Hy6, AFi, and Hy6 Mod 2 cameras, base piece Cat. No. 58048 is required
  • To mount on 6000 Series cameras, Cat. No. 63048  is required
  • One of the pictures shows the Lupe mounted onto a finder base which is not included

User Comments:  In my opinion this finder gives me the most accurate focusing and nicest view.    It's a little bit like using the WLF but with higher magnification and the view is better shielded from light.   I have bases for my 6008AF, Hy6, and the sliding back on the X-Act2 and just move the lupe back and forth between them as needed.  This finder is very light weight too which can be an advantage.  The trade off is that you have to be able to look down into the camera which isn't always possible.  This does work well when the camera is on the tripod.   My second choice is the 45 degree prism, but its a personal choice.  I know a number of people who prefer the 90 degree finder.  Have four really big and clear viewfinder to choose from is a huge advantage of the Rolleiflex system.  

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