Rolleiflex Bright Matte Focusing Screen


Cat. No 97074

Bright microprism focusing screen

General-purpose focusing screen for rapid shooting, with large micro prism center spot with clear inside center, for optimum focusing even in poor light. Focusing criterion: non-shimmering image.   This screen does not have 4.5x6 crop lines scribed into it.  The 64911 screen is very similar but does have the lines.

Fits all Rolleiflex Medium Format SLR cameras from SL 66, 6000 Series and Hy6

Also fits the new TLR's -  FX, FW, FT, and FX-N


Note: These screens are sold out at the moment and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get more, however I have a good supply of the 64911 screen which is very nearly the same screen, except for the faint 645 lines on outside.