Sliding Back for X-Act2 #99090 made by Rolleiflex / DHW


Cat. No. 99090-Used-2020-1

Sliding back adapter for X-Act2 made by DHW (Used)

This is a compact sliding back adapter that fits the X-Act2 and enables quick change between digital and film backs to the viewfinder for composition.  The DHW sliding back adapter is a few mm thinner than the Kapture group solution which may make difference for very wide angle lenses such as the 35mm Rodenstock APO.  It's also very well made.  I understand that some Alpa adapter plates may also fit this.  

Used but in excellent condition - slide is smooth, working well. 

Note this requires an adapter plate for each digital back, and also a viewfinder attachment adapter. The Hy6 digital back adapter plate is Cat. No. 58777 (write me an e-mail - I may have one if you need) and also the standard 6000 series viewfinder adapter plate Cat. No. 98927 in stock