Franke und Heidecke

Used - 97069 #3 Grid and Micro Prism Focusing Screen for Rolleiflex 6000/Hy6/SL66 cameras


Franke und Heidecke

Used - 97069 #3 Grid and Micro Prism Focusing Screen for Rolleiflex 6000/Hy6/SL66 cameras


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Cat. No. Used-FS-2020-12

Used - Bright Focusing Screen for Rolleiflex 6000/Hy6/SL66 cameras with Grid lines and micro-prism collar and split prism rangefinder.  

These screens were offered by Rolleiflex in the past, but are no longer available new.  They were standard in some 6000 series models, but work in all 6000 series, Hy6, SL66, etc.

The large micro-prism area works by shimmering while out of focus and then becoming clear when in focus.  A split prism in the very center is also helpful. These screens are bright compared to many but maybe 1/2 stop darker than the 1st gen High D and 1 stop darker than the latest High D (and Maxwell) screens but because of the very large micro-prism area still very useable. Some people prefer to focus with the microprism. 

Condition is Excellent - I noted that there is a mar on the center split prism, but in my picture of the screen it's not visible - ymmv - it maybe visible in some conditions.    The picture of the screen in my 6008AF body is the actual screen being sold.  The screen is packaged in the plastic clamshell case in the 2nd picture.  

Note: The screen will NOT fit your older TLR camera - but it will fit the following cameras:


  • SL66 - all models
  • 6001, 6002, 6003, 6006, 6008 all models
  • Hy6, Hy6 Mod2 all models
  • Panshot and Rollei made sliding back adapters for X-Act2
  • GX, FX, FW, FT (modern Rolleiflex TLR's)

Will NOT fit

  • 2.8E, 2.8F, 3.5E, 3.5F, C's, D's, Automats, Rolleicords, most older TLR's.

Tips: Focus screens are easily damaged. Please hold only by the edges.  Installation is by carefully pulling back the screen frame and lifting up.  The screen will slide into the frame behind the little finger tabs.  Most reflective side faces up toward you, the most diffuse side down toward the mirror.  Never try to wash the focusing screen. You will not need to calibrate your camera by changing the focus screen.  You can have several and use the one best suited for the job.  

Focusing screens are sold as is, not returnable