Used: Imacon / Ixpress 528c digital back with imagebank and Rolleiflex 6000 Adapter (6008AF camera body optional for additional cost)



Cat. No. Used-528c

Used: Ixpress 528c digital back with imagebank and Rolleiflex 6000 Adapter  (6008AF camera body available for additional cost)

What's included in the used 528c kit

  • 528c multishot back (fully tested and fitted to adapter)
  • Rare Imagebank to Rolleiflex 6000 adapter plate and cable
  • Imagebank
  • Short 2 meter cable (back to imagebank)
  • Long cable (back to imagebank)
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Firewire cable (Imagebank connects to computer with firewire 400 (can be adapted to firewire 800 or thunderbird with aftermarket adapter)

Optional 6008AF body (additional cost - please select from pull down box at top)

  • used 6008AF body
  • rebuilt battery
  • charger 

The ixpress 528c is an older digital back but still capable of putting up some of the best files out there thanks to its multi-shot mode. It has a 36x48mm sensor with the large 9um or "Fat" pixels.    It can shoot a single frame with 22mp that is very high quality, or for static subjects it can shoot a 4 frame multi-shot file or a 16 frame 88 mp micro-step file.  Both the multi-shot and micro step files are non-interpolated true color files which are quite unique.   I use a version of the 528 back for art reproduction work and for scanning my slides and negatives.  There isn't anything like a non-interpolated file - the dynamic range and color tonality are vastly superior to other kinds of digital images. 

This ixpress digital backs are made to take an adapter to fit your particular camera type.  This one comes pre fitted to the hard to find Rolleiflex 6000 series adapter, and I've already shimmed and adjusted it for perfect focus accuracy on the 6008AF camera body.  With this adapter it will fit to 6008AF, 6008int2, 6008int, 6008pro and 6001 cameras with the film gate removed. With all bodies except the 6008AF a special cable is needed that goes from the remote release port on the camera to the digital back.  The 6008AF does not require a cable and aperture and shutter speed values will be recorded into the EXIF data.  The back with adapter plate fits just like a film back and you can swap between film backs and the digital back quite quickly.   Just remember to take out the film gate when using the ixpress!    This set-up will also fit to the Rollei X-Act2 technical camera with the pan shot adapter.  Because of the incredible color and tonality of the multishot file, the 528 is a favorite of product and food photographers and a technical camera makes sense. 

All ixpress backs except for the CF line require a cabled connection to portable storage device called an imagebank which powers the back and stores the files. One is included with this back with both long and short cables. You use the short cable when you carry the bank with you and the long one in the studio so you can lay the hard drive down on a table or something.  The image bank can store thousands of images.   You connect the image back to the computer. 

You can remove the rolleiflex adapter plate from this back and refit to a different adapter plate (not included) to use this back with different cameras such as the Fuji GX 680, Contax 645 or Mamiya RZ or Hasselblad H camera.

This back has been fully tested and is working excellently.  I have another 528 back and don't need two of them.