Used: Sinar arTec - 3 lens kit (price dropped) technical camera for Hy6 / AFi digital backs


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Used: Sinar arTec - 3 lens kit - technical camera for Hy6 / AFi digital backs

The arTec was developed by Sinar to address the needs of architecture and landscape photographers in 2008 and won an award at the Photokina of the same year.  The arTec is very compact and a fantastic design solution for technical camera movements such as shift and tilt.  You get to compose on ground glass and then slide your digital back over for the shot thanks to its integrated sliding back. Stitching is no problem, its built right in. There is more than 20mm shift, 25mm rise, and the tilt axis can be rotated to any direction. The tilt is built into the camera and available to all lenses unlike other technical cameras . Quite a number of bubble levels are on the body to make for easy set up. Each movement is on a geared knob, but you can release the gear for faster movements such as sliding from ground glass to the digital back. It's truly a brilliant camera and makes for quick work.

 This kit comes with 3 lenses each mounted in their own dedicated shutter with helical focus mount. You can read about the special Sinaron Digital lenses which all have been optimized for digital backs and have at least 50lp/mm edge to edge.  Also included is a special lupe for the viewfinder, copal lens tool, cable releases and it all fits inside a special Sinar arTec waterproof case.  Everything is in excellent condition as can be seen in the pictures.  I have focus calibrated the 35mm and 70mm lenses for matching focus with Leaf digital backs (AFi/Credo) and the focusing screen, and focus distance readings on the lens helical.  You can read more about the arTec here at Sinar's website,  and a some articles on Luminous-Landscape - first an introduction, then a review.

Kit includes:

  • arTec camera body with Hy6/AFi mount (takes Sinar and Leaf digital backs)
  • 35mm f/4 APO Sinaron Digital HR (APO Rodenstock) in helical mount and lens board
  • 70mm f/5.6 Sinaron Digital in helical mount and lens board
  • 135mm f/5.6 Sinaron Digital in helical mount and lens board
  • Lupe with flexible accordion mount
  • Cables, spanner, metal lens caps
  • Hard waterproof case with cutouts to hold each item

 Note - in the photo the blue tripod plate is not part of the camera, but just fitted to help position it for pictures.