6008 Integral and 80mm PQS Xenotar Kits on Sale + Fuji FP-3000b and 100c Instant film tip

Did you know you can get a 6008 Integral-2, film back,  and lens kit for 1/3 the price of a similar Hy6 Mod2 Kit?   Amazing right?  And the image quality is virtually the same between them.  $3495 vs $10,495.   Wow!  Well this actually is a special price on this kit - save $500 !!

If you like to shoot instant pack film - Fuji FP-100c or my favorite FP-3000b - then there is only one Rollei platform that will do it.  The polaroid backs are still available for the 6000 series cameras.    I have 4 of these coming in from Germany next week with the 6008i2 kits.

Polaroid backs for 6000 series

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