About Rolleiflex USA

Rolleiflex Cameras USA was founded by Eric Hiss in 2013.     We are located in San Francisco, California but can ship anywhere in the world. 

We sell all the Rolleiflex and Rollei Professional cameras, lenses, and accessories including:

  • Rolleiflex Hy6 Mod2 - their latest flagship Medium Format SLR camera, quite possible the most advanced MF camera every made.
  • Rolleiflex TLR  (Twin Lens Reflex 6x6 film) - all models, wide, tele and classic. These are available in custom colors and configurations.
  • Rollei 35 - at one time the smallest full frame 35mm camera in the world, these are mostly used by collectors and are also customizable.
  • X-Act2 - The Rollei Technical camera which supports full movements in front and rear standards with film or digital backs.
  • Lenses and accessories for all of the above.

Digital backs:  Yes these cameras work beautifully with digital backs! In fact the Hy6 is very well integrated with them and can even show the histogram in the grip display.   We do not currently sell digital backs however, but have extensive experience working with digital backs on the 6000 series and Hy6/AFi cameras and can discuss and advise you on the different models available and can recommend several reputable dealers.  

Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions you might have.

Eric Hiss