Service of all products:

Paepke-Fototechnik  - Service of most Rollei and Rolleiflex cameras including Hy6, TLR, and 6000 series.  All PQ, PQS, AFD lenses.   Rollei Electronic Shutters.  They no longer have parts for SL66 cameras.  Please contact them by phone or e-mail to get advice if your repair is possible.   They will charge a 19% vat on the service charges.  

Rather Broich 57
GERMANY 40472 Düsseldorf

Telefon: 0211 – 98 68 88 0
Fax: 0211 – 98 68 88 29


Wiese Fototechnik - Service of most Rolleiflex cameras including Rollei 35, Rolleiflex 6008, 6006, SLX, Older TLR's like 2.8F and Rolleicords and also new TLR's like FX and FW, the 35 SL, all lenses, and even LensControl S.  

Wiese Fototechnik
Danziger Str. 47-49
20099 Hamburg

Tel. 040-850 34 90




TLR Service

Oceanside Camera Repair

909 N. Aviation Blvd. Ste. 4
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-6241
Contact: Harry Fleenor    Phone: 310-374-6506


Harry does not work on TLR's with electronics so no FX, FW, or FT only older ones. Harry's son is working with him and doing much of the work now.  They are the most expensive option and often the longest backlog.  I never used his services for my TLR's but he's highly recommended by others.   $$$$
Pro Photo DC 
Also highly recommended for TLR service from the forums.  I've just sent them several cameras to work on.  Their main TLR tech Dikran has something like 50 years experience. 
Pro Photo
2000 Pennsylvania Ave
Unit 104
Washington, DC 20006



FX FW FT GX TLR's only please don't send older TLR - Recently he quit working on 6000 cameras due to lack of parts.  He can repair Rolleiflex 6000 series and Hy6 lenses, 6060, 4560 film backs, SL 3003, SL 2000, SL 35, SL 66,  cameras and nearly every other make/brand.  ($$)
Key Camera Service
1428 Main St. 
Longmont, CO 80501
Contact: Dave Feely          Phone 303-772-7690  (phone preferred)