Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals

Normally I don't participate in these big sale events - partly because Rolleiflex items are not mass produced commodities and also because I don't have much margin to work with.  That said, I do have a number of brand new in box lenses that I would be happy to find good homes for and I'm happy to make deals on. 

Just write me an e-mail if you want one and I'll send you a discount code for it.

Here's the list - all brand new in sealed boxes:

  • 150mm AFD PQS lens - 1 available
  • 180mm AFD PQ lenses - 1 available
  • 90mm PQS APO Macro Lens - 1 available
  • 80mm AFD PQS lenses - 2 available
  • 150mm PQS Sonnar - 1 available

And factory refurbished:

  • 50mm AF PQS
  • 50mm AFD PQS




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