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  • Leaf AFi-ii 12 digital back available soon
  • Eric Hiss
Leaf AFi-ii 12 digital back available soon

Just a FYI that I will have an 80mp Leaf AFi-ii 12 back available soon.  Actually, it's available now, but I haven't photographed it yet.  This is the one with the articulating screen and revolving sensor.  These had a higher level of integration with the Hy6 cameras than the Credo backs and are hard to find.    

Feel free to contact me. 

  • Eric Hiss

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  • Dec 04, 2016


    Hello. I inquiring about two items; first is the status of the 80MP AFi0ii 12 back – is it still available and what is the asking price? And second, I’m in SFC next week (Wednesday – Saturday) would you have time to meet for lunch? Thanks. Bill Kyburz,my email is william.kyburz@icloud.com or 703-517-9568 (m)

    — Bill Kyburz

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