Tons of new Rolleiflex items coming in after the Labor Day Holiday

Just a quick post to let you know some of the items that I will be listing after I'm back from a week camping in hot dusty desert playa of Black Rock City. 

  • FW TLR - in very nice shape with box strap, shade
  • 45 prism for TLR
  • 90 prism finder for Hy6 Mod2  ( I actually have two of these rare finders)
  • 6008AF body
  • Phase DB20P digital back for 6008AF/6008 Int 2
  • Ixpress 528c with imagebank, adapter for Rollei 6000 series bodies (yes this is the legendary multishot/microstep back)
  • Many 6000 camera bodies
  • Rare 150mm AFD lens for Hy6/Hy6 Mod2
  • More than 6 Rolleiflex TLR's have come back from service
  • Two Hy6 Mod2/Mod1 bodies
  • Sinar 33mp back for Hy6
  • 60mm Curtagon - Yes the rare and AMAZING mojo lens!
  • Many many other lenses, finders, accessories for the 6000/Hy6 system

For some of the items above, I'll be contacting the people on my wait list or already have, but if you see something there or are looking for something - always e-mail me as I may have it, but not listed it yet.   I keep a list so if I don't have it, I can add your items to my wait list. 



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