Cases, Flash Adapters, Grips, Shutter Releases, etc.

AF Lenses

Auto focus lenses for Rollei 6008AF and Hy6, AFi and Hy6 Mod 2 Cameras. 


Batteries and chargers for 6000 series cameas, Hy6/AFi cameras, film backs, and others


Digital Backs Documents

Digital Backs Documents

Brochures, User Manuals, and Technical Documents for Digital Backs that fit the Rollei cameras

Extension Rings, Bellows, and Macro Equipment

There is an amazing amount of different accessories for macro and close up work with the Rolleiflex cameras.  Here I will be listing the 9mm, 17mm, 34mm, 67mm extension tubes, vario-extension tube, bellows extension, retro adapter and other equipment.

Featured Items

Film Backs

Film Backs

Both 6x6 and 6x4.5 film backs are available for the Hy6, Hy6 Mod2 and also the earlier 6000 series cameras.  

Film Backs and Inserts

Film Backs and Inserts

6x6 and 645 film backs and extra inserts for 6000 series and Hy6 cameras



Flash Adapters

Focusing Screens

There are quite a number of different focusing screens available from DHW-fototechnik.  These screens will universally fit all the medium format models from TLR to Hy6 though some are better suited for single purposes.  The gridded screen helps with framing for architecture for example and the ground glass screen can be excellent for macro work.  The split prism and micro prism work as focus aids to help indicated the area of focus, but some prefer to have a clear screen for ease of composition.

Note: I no longer sell Maxwell screens. 


Ixpress and Hasselblad Digital Backs for Rollei 6000 series

Here you will find documents related to the Hasselblad CF and CF-MS digital backs, and also the older Hasseblad/Imacon Ixpress digital backs that could be adapted to the Rollei 6000 series cameras using an adapter plate.  

CF-39, CF-39MS, CF-22, CF-22MS, CF-528    -  Excellent even today 

96, 96c, 384, 384c, 132, 132c, and 528c   (these older backs can produce excellent files but stick with the C versions if possible)

Leaf AFi and AFi-ii

The Leaf AFi-ii 10 and AFi-ii 12  models are still available from Leaf dealers.  These have the rotating sensor and the articulating screen.

I have heard that they can also be ordered without the IR filter on request.   

Leaf Credo

Information and documents about the Leaf Credo will be placed here soon.

Leica Items

This is a collection of the used and new Leica items that I have available:

  • Lenses
  • Cameras
  • Filters


Lens and Body Caps

Everything you can lose easily and might need replacing. Caps, Covers, etc.
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