Medium Format SLR comparison


DHW Rolleiflex HY6 mod2

Hasselblad H5D

Mamiya/Phase 645DF+

Kit Prices:

Hy6 Mod 2 w/ 80 lens + 6X6 film back: $10,495.00

H5D-60 w/ 80 lens: $42.495.00

H5D-50MS w/ 80 lens: $36,995.00

H5D-40 w/ 80 lens: 20,495.00


645DF+ w/ 80 lens: $4,495.00 (must purchase new Back as well)



Super Angulon 40mm f/3.5 PQ: $5,340.00

Schneider 50mm f/2.8 AF PQS: $4,798.00

Xenatar 80 f/2.8 AF PQS: $2,649.00

APO-Symmar Makro 90mm f/4 PQS: $4,748.00

Zeiss 110mm f/2.0 PQ: $5,949.00

Makro-Apogen 120mm f/4 PQS: $4,879.00

Tele Apogen 150mm f/4 PQS: $4,739.00

Tele Xenar 150mm f/4 AF PQS: $4,498.00

Schneider 180mm f/2.8 AF PQ: $5,385.00

Variogon 60-140mm f/4.6 AF PQS: $5,958.00

24mm f/4.8 AF: $6,650.00

28mm f/4 AF: $5,850.00

80mm f/2.5 AF: $2.895.00

120mm f/4 AF: $5,350.00

150mm f/3.2 AF: $3,995.00

300mm f/4.5 AF: $5,550.00

35-90mm f/4-5.6 AF: $7,950.00

55mm f/2.8 645AF: $4,690.00

110mm f/2.8 AF: $4,790.00

28mm f/4.5 AF: $5,490.00


TTL flash metering Independent flash expsoure control SCA-3002 interface Rear-sync configurable TTL flash metering with Studio flash units

TTL flash metering Independent flash exposure SCA-3000 interface Rear-sync configurable TTL flash metering with Studio flash units

Focal plane shutter: Up to 1/125s.

Leaf shutter lenses: Up to 1/1600s.


Electronically controlled between-the-lens shutter from 32s to 1/500s (1/1000s for PQS) plus Bulb

256s to 1/800s plus Bulb (H5D-40, other models varies)

Focal Plane shutter in Camera;

1/4000s to 60 minutes.

View Finder

Standard folding finder hood with collapsible magnifier 45' and 90' finders Interchangeable focusing screens

Waist-level finder 90' finder

Interchangeable focusing screens

Fixed prism viewfinder.

Interchangeable focus screens.


Teleconverter 1.7x; macro converter for wide angle lenses

2x teleconverter (Manual Focus compatible Schneider Kreuznach

Extension tubes

9mm, 17mm, 34mm, 67mm, Extension below; Retro adapter,  vario-extension

13mm; 26mm; 52mm


Not compatible

Not compatible


Autofocus with cross-type autofocus sensor (3 different coverage area) AF with manual override Focus bracket - capture 3 shots with slight focus shifts per lens Focus Trap - Pre-focus and hold shutter to shoot when the subject is in focus

Autofocus with cross-type autofocus sensor AF with Manual override True Focus


Multi-area AF

No Manual override for AF lenses


Multi-zone, Centre weight, spot

Centre Weighted, CentreSpot or Spot

Center weight, spot

Multiple Exposure

Unlimited for film photography

multi-shot only available for h5d-200MS while tethered

Not available (TBC)

Frame advance

Film: Single or continuous up to 1.5 fps; Auto advance to first frame; Auto wind after last frame

single shot

Single-frame and Continuous mode