Hasselblad CF / CFMS Digital Backs User Guide


Cat. No. Bro-Hass-CF

CF / CFMS Digital Back User Guide

The CF and CFMS Series of backs are no longer produced, but they could be fit to any of the Rolleiflex 6000 Series camera bodies that had a removable film gate in the rear -  6003, 6008i, 6008i2, 6008 Pro, 6008AF for sure and maybe others. The correct Rollei adapter plate from Hasselblad/Imacon is required and if not using a 6008AF body, a cable also will be needed.  The digital back screws is fixed to the adapter plate with screws and the whole assembly then fits onto the camera body like a film back would.    This worked best with the 6008AF body as a cable isn't required.    I still use a CF-528 on my 6008AF body for some tasks and these backs should last a long time when properly handled.  Be warned if looking for one of these backs second hand that Hasselblad has announced the end of service for these is near.  My recommendation is to locate the adapter plate first, then look for one of the backs.  The CF models had capacity to write to a compact flash card, which was a big improvement over the earlier C models that one wrote to a portable hard drive called an image bank. When shooting tethered the image bank was still required on the C models.   All said these older backs were capable of some amazing quality files at base ISO settings.