Leica Monochrom in original box (used)


Cat. No. Used-Leica-Monochrom-7654

Leica Monochrom in original box (used) 10760

This camera is working very well and has less than 1200 frames total usage.   I recently shot this camera and found no issues with the sensor or otherwise. I do think some of the early ones needed sensor replacement, but this one doesn't appear to need it or have had it done, but I don't know 100%.   Perhaps from the debug screen grab I took to show frames this can be seen?  I'm uploading one of the last shots I took with this prior to putting it all back in it's box. If you need to see some RAW files from this I'll be happy to forward them to you.    Condition seems excellent consistent with only 1200 shots, with no scratches or marks, perfect leather and everything working.  Comes with 3 batteries, charger, neck strap, original box and  manual.  Also included are the embroidered case, and small Leica artwork shown.