Rebuilt Rollei 6000 series battery pack with NiMH


Cat. No. 39715-rebuilt

Rebuilt NiMH battery pack, for Rolleiflex 6000 series cameras

This is a professionally rebuilt battery pack fitted with NiMH cells instead of the older NiCad cells. These packs are less prone to memory problems and have a higher capacity.

Fits the following camera models:

  • 6008AF
  • 6008 integral2
  • 6008 Integral
  • 6008 Professional
  • 6008E
  • 6003 Professional
  • 6001 Professional
  • Lens Control S
  • 6006, 6002, SLX

Works with C-type and N-type factory chargers as well as universal battery chargers such as the Maja or Tengen.   Does NOT work with G or M type factory chargers

I also have a battery rebuild service.   Have your old batteries professionally rebuilt by Rollei technician with new NiMH cells for $110 .  I also purchase used/dead batteries outright.