Rolleiflex 6008 integral medium format kit with WLF, 6x6 film back, charger, battery, grip, strap (Used)


Cat. No. Used-6008int-JL-0032

Rolleiflex 6008 integral body with WLF, 6x6 film back  (Used)

Really clean 6008 integral body with film back and waist level finder.  The camera has been tested for function - operation, exposure metering, film advance, all great!  Cosmetics also excellent on this body with little signs of use.  The only thing that needs comment is that the display in the viewfinder blinks a little.  I've now seen several 6008 int which do this, but they have all tested okay.  Not all 6008 int have the removable film gate which is needed for the 4560 film backs, but this one does - signifying the 3rd generation 6008int body and electronics. 

The camera comes with the following items:

  • Camera body
  • WLF
  • 6x6 120 film back, and insert
  • Grip arm
  • N style charger
  • Neck Strap
  • Original Owners manual
  • Freshly rebuilt battery (not shown)

Note: No lens is included.  If you need a lens, please let me know and we can put together a package deal for you.  Also if you have already some of the items and only want the body, just let me know and we can work out something.