Rolleiflex SLX camera with film back (Used-good)


Cat. No. Used-SLX-GC-7008

Rolleiflex SLX camera with film back (Used-good)

This is one of the first SLX bodies I've sold through my shop in many years.  I have a number of customers who love their SLX's and they still make very nice cameras to work with and at a lower price than the 6000 series cameras.   I have several SLX-compatible lenses available in my shop currently including a 80mm, 50mm and 250mm. 

The operating condition is very good and fully tested.  Cosmetic condition is fair with many cosmetic signs of use, but no big dents or scratches.    Comes with a nice gridded focus screen with large micro prism collar and split prism rangefinder aid. 

Comes with the film back and insert, and the WLF and front body caps, but does not include a battery or charger. The battery shown in the photos is not included but is available separately.