Stroba Wide Field Magnifier for Rolleiflex TLR (used, old)


Cat. No. Used-StrobaX1

Stroba Wide Field Focusing Magnifier for Rolleiflex and Rolleicord TLR (Used)

This appears to be a clip on lupe magnifier for Rolleiflex TLR cameras.  I honestly don't know much about it. It does appear to have an adjustable height by rotating the lupe itself and has some clips on the base which presumably fits over part of the viewfinder or onto the WLF hood?   I haven't tested this myself as I don't currently have any older TLR's available.  The lupe itself is in good condition but not perfect with some small marks on the glass optic and there are fine scratches on the metal frame.  Box is in usable condition on the outside but not so great on the inside.  There were so many aftermarket accessories made for the TLR's and this one I can't even find anything about online.   If anyone has any knowledge of this, please write me an e-mail.  Probably for the collector, but who knows?