AFi-ii 10 and Sinar eMotion 75LV digital backs available

Currently I have two digital backs available for sale:

  • AFi-ii 10  56mp back with revolving sensor and articulating screen - will work with AFi, Hy6 and Hy6 mod2 cameras.  This back has the widest sensor ever made and a 3::2 crop ratio.  It can be set to shoot 3::4 or even square in sensor flex mode.  When shooting square it still gives you approx a 37mp resolution and 3::4 a 45mp resolution.  
  • Sinar eMotion 75LV - 33mp back with internal RAM and CF card slot - will work with AFi and Hy6 (but not Hy6 Mod2).  Produces a very film like file that is very nice and this is one of the most affordable used digital backs for the Hy6 available.  Uses an adapter plate for each camera and comes with the Hy6 plate, but it can be swapped out easily to go on different cameras if you need.  

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  • Feb 02, 2017

    I missed your secondhand Aptus Afi ll 12R, but it seems that you might have an Aptus Afi ll 10R for sale.(I wanted the 80 megapixel but it looks like I will have to settle for a 56 megapixel R10)

    If you do still have the R10 let me know,

    Thank you,

    George Turton

    — George Turton

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