Why are some older PQS lenses not able to operate at 1/1000th on the Hy6 cameras?

Shutter speeds on PQS lenses with the Hy6

Joris just posed this question over at the Luminous-landscape -  and its one I've asked the factory before myself.   I have several older PQS lenses that work at 1/1000th on my 6008AF camera but are not able to be set to 1/1000th shutter speed on my Hy6 cameras.  At first I thought it might be because the lenses might need a firmware update. After all you can see in the Hy6 display the lens firmware on some lenses.  Could that be it?  No, the lens firmware isn't it and in fact the lens firmware really can't be updated.

Mr. Daus, an engineer at DHW explained to me that some of these older PQS lenses have a resistor on their PCB that is not needed for 6000 and Hy6 cameras and that it can be removed or simply cut.  Once out, the lens will operate on the Hy6 at full speed - 1/1000th.   He was kind enough to send me a picture to point out the specific resistor and said that its the same on the 80mm Xenotar PQS and really all PQS lenses that show this issue.    Okay enough talk - want to see the picture? Click it for a bigger view.

I have always intended to try to cut this resistor, but somehow haven't gotten to it.   The truth is I rarely need 1/1000th shutter speeds.  Actually the pocket wizards don't even sync that fast anyhow.   I guess someday I'll do it, and when I do, I'll report back to this thread.  But it would be a lot easier to have the factory take care of this, I'm betting.  YMMV and YAOYO (I'm not liable if you DIY). 

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