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  • Factory releases Type D charger for Rolleiflex 6000 series and Lens control S batteries
  • Eric Hiss
Factory releases Type D charger for Rolleiflex 6000 series and Lens control S batteries

The older C-Type charger has been out of production for some time, and I'm happy to announce that the factory has come up with a new charger solution for the batteries.  These work with the NiMH celled batteries and will charge the ones with higher capacity cells all the way up.   I'm stocking the ones with power supplies with US plugs but have a few protoypes with Euro plugs so if you need one just e-mail me.


  • Eric Hiss

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  • May 15, 2020

    Hi, I would be very interested one of these ‘D’ type chargers with a European plug configuration. I’d also be interested in buying 3 batteries as well though I’m aware that these are currently out of stock. Could I place an order with you for the charger and batteries and so that all the items could be shipped together, when the batteries are back in stock?

    Kind regards,

    Michael Howe

    — Michael Howe

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