Lot's of used Rolleiflex gear just came in: TLR's, Hy6 Mod2, Lenses, digital backs etc

I am working on photographing everything and getting them listed, but here's a preview list of what just came in:

  • Several TLR's including a really nice 3.5E3 and two automats
  • Hy6 Mod2
  • 6008AF, 6008Int, 6008E
  • Ixpress digital back adapter for Rollei
  • Ixpress 528c multishot digital back with imagebank
  • 110mm 2.0 PQ 
  • 80mm 2.0 PQ
  • 55mm PCS PQ lens (tilt shift lens for Hy6 and 6000)
  • Imagon lens set with shutter adapter and extension (Hy6 and 6000)
  • Lupe magnifier and base for Hy6, and one for 6000
  • 150mm APO bellows lens 
  • 150mm Tele Xenar
  • 300mm APO
  • 60-140mm AFD
  • 90mm APO and 120mm PQS macro lenses
  • Lots of macro stuff including bellows, vario ext, 
  • and much much more

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  • Nov 04, 2022

    Hi Eric,

    I am interested in the 110mm 2.0 PQ, 80mm 2.0 PQ and the 55mm PCS PQ lens. Would you please email me about their price?

    Many thanks in advnace

    — Gary

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