Hy6 digital back to 4x5 standard Graflok film mount adapter (used)


Cat. No. Used-Leaf-AFi-45-adapter-2020-1

Hy6 digital back to 4x5 standard Graflok film mount adapter (used)

This is a really neat adapter that will accept your digital back in Hy6 Mount (Leaf AFi, AFi-ii, Credo 60 and 80) and fit like a standard 4x5 sheet film holder on your large format camera.  The placement of the sensor is calibrated to the same plane the film would be and you can use it interchangeably with film without any adjustment. It's really a lot of fun and a great way to take advantage of LF/view camera movements.

You turn the inside of the adapter to unlock, fit the back, and turn the inside until it clicks tight. The mount is very secure and well designed. I think it's leagues ahead of anything else I've seen out there. The sensor placement is perfectly calibrated.

This is my personal item bought new from Leaf when they had them available. I don't think they are all too common.  I only have one.  

I've used it in Linhof Technikas, Polaroid 110/b conversions, even my custom 35mm wide angle hand held LF camera.  If you want a wider solution for the Rollei - send me an e-mail - I can make that camera and lens available to you with this adapter..