Lens cap, front for Rolleiflex Bay VI lenses


Cat. No 82501

Replacement Rolleiflex Lens Cap

Fits all Rolleiflex lenses with Bay VI filter mount, for example this cap will fit:

  • 50mm f/4 Distagon
  • 60mm f/3.5 PQ Curtagon
  • 60mm f/4 PQ Distagon
  • 80mm f/2.8  HFT, PQ, PQS  Xenotar and Planar and AFD Apogon
  • 80mm f/2.0 PQ Xenotar
  • 120mm f/4 HFT, PQ, and PQS Zeiss Macro 
  • 150mm f/4 Tele Xenar and Sonnar and AFD Apogon
  • 250mm PQ and PQS lenses
  • many older SL 66 lenses
  • many older SLX lenses
  • new AFD lenses
  • M39 / M40 shutter adapter

Note: This cap will not fit the Rolleiflex EL lenses with 67mm screw in filter mount - but I do have the EL caps listed separately.



Note: In stock ready to ship