Rollei AFD Variogon 60-140mm f/4.6 zoom PQS


Cat. No. 58502
Rollei AFD Variogon 60-140mm zoom lens (Schneider) HFT PQS

Focus: Auto Focus
Works with: Hy6, Hy6 Mod2, AFi
Filter size: 122mm x 1
Hood size/type: Bayonet Rollei Part No. 56706
Max Shutter and Sync Speed: 1/1000th
Minimum focus distance without extension: approx 8ft
Weight class: Heavyweight Prize fighter

User comments: This could be the sharpest lens in my kit, but also the heaviest. Despite the weight, I do take it to locations and to shoot outdoors since it can replace several lenses I might take otherwise and it has auto focus. Unless you hit the gym regularly don't expect to use this hand held for long periods of time (though I have done it occasionally in my studio), but its well worth having if you use a tripod. It's able to capture the finest detail without looking clinical and has the hallmark butter smooth bokeh of Schneider's best glass - look for my sample shots taken at the ruins of Sutro Baths in San Francisco with this lens. I normally shoot this lens without a hood in the studio, but it can flare with very strong back light such as shooting into the sunset or into strobes.