90 degree "High Eyepoint" Viewfinder for Hy6/AFi cameras (used excellent)


Cat. No. Used-58220-90-finder-Hy6-RD-2023

90-degree "High Eyepoint" Viewfinder for Hy6/AFi cameras  (used excellent)

Used:  Rolleiflex 90 degree prism for AFi and Hy6 cameras

The 90-degree prism, sometimes called the high viewpoint finder,  has the highest magnification of the screen and an adjustable diopter which makes it one of the easiest finders to manually focus.  

The 90-degree prisms have not been available for 10 years now, and were produced in low volumes and had a high list price.  They have been hard to find on the second-hand market and I've not had any come through my store for maybe 5 years.   This makes them quite rare.   Early versions were sold as Leaf and Sinar branded but a few available only in Europe had Rolleiflex branding.  All of the early versions had a rubberized coating which we learned got sticky after time.  Later versions like this one were made for the Hy6 Mod2 and had an improved epoxy coating that matched the Hy6 Mod2 bodies and had Rollleiflex branding.    This is one of the best and most desirable versions of the 90 finder.   

The condition you can see from the photos is excellent.   The adjustable diopter turns freely without issues and the optics are scratch and fungus-free.  There may be small specs of dust inside as is common.   Comes with the original box as shown.