Rollei Master Controller for 6008 integral cameras (Used)


Cat. No. 26112-JL-Used

Rollei Master Controller for 6008 int cameras 

The Rollei Master Control Unit is specific to the 6008 Integral and 6008E cameras. This item allows certain basic camera settings to be varied and transmitted to the camera as desired. It also serves as a remote control and can trigger the camera from a distance.

The Master Control Unit can be fitted to the shutter speed dial in place of the Action Grip or mounted on an accessory bracket or tripod. For remote control operation, it can be connected to the camera with an extension cable.

Here's a list of cool things you can do with it.

  • Multi-zone metering with reduced center weighting
  • Exposure bracketing with priority shutter speed variable from 1/500 to 15 seconds
  • Exposure bracketing intervals variable from +/- 1/3 to +/- 3 EV even on Manual
  • Multiple exposure of 10 milliseconds (10 exp/sec) up to 900 milliseconds (1.1 exp/sec), with a maximum of 10 exposures total
  • Time exposures from 1 second - 100 minutes in 1-second intervals
  • Quick Release and Auto Quick Release variable from 1-99 millseconds in 1 millisecond increments
  • Flash triggering either at beginning or end of exposure
  • TTL flash control with studio or non-dedicated flash units
  • Silent mode with slowed-down film advance and mirror return
  • Film advance disengaged
  • Self-timer delay variable from 1-99 seconds in 1 second intervals
  • Viewfinder display off