Dioptrx - Astigmatism Correction Eyepiece


Cat. No.  DRX-0000 to 0350

Astigmatic Correction Eyepiece - Please select the strength you need in the pull down box.

Camera viewfinders typically can be corrected for near or far sightedness but there hasn't been any solution for astigmatism.  Some years back, I found the Televue Dioptrx eyepiece for telescopes and found a way to adapt this to fit my Rollei 45 degree prism and Lupe finders.  This has made it much easier for me to manually focus my cameras and I've recently become able to sell these in my store.    

You can read a bunch more about correcting for eyesight and the dioptrx as well as how to select the right power value in my blog posts:

Note: I do add the stainless steel metal retaining ring to these at the time of order - this helps secure the dioptrx to your prism a bit better.  If you prefer to not have this please write a note in your order comment box.

Please refer to your eye glass prescription or ask your optometrist for both the spherical correction and also the cylindrical correction values for your focusing eye.  The value for your cylindrical correction is the strength Dioptrx you would want to order.  Ideally you'd also have the correction diopter for your spherical correction  too to make a the perfect combination.  You can order the corrective diopters for your prism here: Corrective diopter for 45 degree prism