Frame Base for 6x6 Lupe Viewfinder


Cat. No 58048

This frame attaches to the Hy6, AFi, and Hy6 Mod 2 camera bodies and accepts the 6x6 Lupe (not included).

All - gone  - sold out!   But I do have the two all metal ones 

User Comments:  I think this is the finder that gives me the most accurate focusing and nicest view.  It's a little bit like using the WLF but with higher magnification and the view is better shielded from light.  I have lupe, but bases for my 6008AF, Hy6, and the sliding back on the X-Act2.  The price is pretty steep for this part, and I know I grumbled a bit when I purchased it, but I'm happy I bought it in the end because this magnifying or chimney style finder has such an nice view.  I don't believe there are any current MF cameras other than the Rolleiflex that offers this beautiful a view.