Used: 300mm Schneider APO f/4 PQ for Rolleiflex 6000 and Hy6 cameras


Cat. No.  Used-300mm-PQ-TD-8549

Used: 300mm f/4 Rollei Schneider APO Tele-Xenar PQ Telephoto lens

The 300mm APO lens is one of the jewels of the lens lineup for the Rollei system.  It's fast and draws beautifully.  The 1.4X extender was designed to work with the three fast lenses 80/2, 180/2.8, and the 300 APO, and naturally performs quite well making a 420mm f/5.6 lens with almost no loss in optically quality.  I've actually used mine with two 1.4x Longar tele-extenders stacked together making a 600mm f/8.  

This is truly one of the finest telephoto lenses you can find in Medium Format and why you will see many of these adapted to Hasselblad and Pentax systems. You can of course use it with a Fuji GFX and Rollei to GFX adapter. 

This particular copy is used but has excellent glass and the leaf shutter and aperture are working perfectly.  It has a useful tripod foot attached already so I've left that on, and it will come also with the UV filter and lens caps, but no original box.   

Cosmetics - there is a dent in the extendable sun shade and it does make that operation a bit stiffer than normal but it still works.  There are some minor nicks and mars on the barrel from use, but only the sun shade has been dented and you can see that in the first picture.  It's really common for this lens to have some marks on the barrel as people tend to rest it on things for stability while shooting.  Use the tripod foot when possible! In any case, I've priced this copy lower because of the dent in the hood, not for any other reason, so it's a great value.