Used: Panshot Adapter for Rollei X-Act2


Cat. No. Used-PanShot-2020-1

Used: Panshot Adapter for Rollei X-Act2

This is a swinging adapter plate that fits the rear standard to the X-Act2 and accepts a standard 6000 series film back and viewfinder. You can swing back and forth between the film back and the viewfinder which is convenient.  A cable from the Lens Control S to the panshot adapter is required to operate the film magazine.    All digital backs made for the 6000 series will mount on the panshot adapter without modification or change in adapter plate, which means that you can easily go back and forth between your 6000 series camera and the X-Act2 in seconds. 

This comes with a 10772 Rollei High D screen (with a small scratch in one corner). Some cosmetic signs of wear, but otherwise in very good condition.  This item is missing the film gate, however normally with 4560 film backs and digital backs this would be removed anyhow. You will need one if you want to shoot 6x6 film on this. I have the correct cables to connect this to a Lens Control S unit if needed. 


A 6000 prism or WLF will fit onto the unit, but is not included.